My neighbour told me that I need to obtain permission from the counsel if I want a borehole. Is this true?

  • It would depend on which area you are from but yes, we do recommend it. For example, generally, permission is not really required if you are residing in Johannesburg and the borehole is for your own private use at home. However, if you are wanting a borehole for business reasons, you would need to first obtain the permission of the counsel in order to proceed.

Can I install my own borehole?

  • Like most things, you are able to do self-installations with the correct equipment and knowledge. But it is advisable to rather make use of a reputable company to do it for you as anything can go wrong.

How much would it cost to install a borehole for my domestic property?

  • There are quite a few factors in determining the cost of a borehole, namely; how deep, whether you are aware of how much water will be available, if not, a yield test would need to be conducted, as well as the equipment that is used. Because of this, it is hard to give an exact price, but working on including the above, the average cost could possibly set you back between R45 000 – R65 000.

How often do I need to look at maintenance on my borehole?

  • On Average, we recommend that every 4 – 5 years you get your borehole checked to ensure that it is running at full and optimal capacity. This will also enable us to detect any potential problems beforehand.

What is the typical lifespan offered?

  • On average, you are looking at a long-term supply of borehole water for approximately 15 to 20 years.